Along with our key staff, we have conducted the following engagements:


  • Quality control for improved charcoal stoves - ESMAP/World Bank
  • Designing drinking water quality standards for Haiti PAHO/WHO
  • Top level technical assistance to the Ministry of Environment
  • Policies and procedures manual for implementation of ISO 17025 Standards in state laboratories (MCI)
  • Laboratories inspections for GMP certification 
  • Milk plants standardization including pilot model design, procedures manual, and product development (LET A GOGO)
  • Standards and procedures manual for DPM/MT (MSPP/BID)
  • Agroindustrial and pharmaceutical products development (IPHASA, Farmatrix, Let a Gogo)
  • Design of training modules and tools for input management (MSPP/BID)
  • Training personel in regional warehouses and medicine banks on managmeent of essential medicines (MSPP/UNFPA/UNICEF/CE)
  • Design of masters program in water and environment for State University of Haiti (UEH)
  • Design and implementation of biotechnology laboratory, including quality assurance and control procedures and. training on validation procedures for in-vitro plants (Bio-Récoltes SA)

Information Systems

  • Capacity reinforcement of business operations with electronic capabilities, including hosting, communication infrastructure, and web content filtering (Festif, Unique)
  • Designing of Information systems architecture for Haitian Ministry of Education
  • Information security policies manual for Central Directorate for judicial police of Haitian National Police
  • Information systems capability assessment and update of records at Office National d'Assurance-Viellesse prior to implementation
  • Regulatory framework for mobile banking and payment
  • Information systems study for Office des Postes d'Haiti
  • Information systems Implementation at Fonkoze
  • Information systems security and audit training for professionals
  • Website design and commissioning (haitipro.com)
  • Information security policies manual for telecom company


  • Evaluation of Projet de Rénovation des Dispositifs d’Accréditation des Ecoles (PREDA) PHARE/USAID
  • Triennal Action Program of Fondation Nouvelle Haïti (FNH)
  • Administrative manual of Bureau de Développement Institutionnel (BDI) at Université Quisqueya (coproduction
  • Institutional Diagnostic of Ministère des Affaires Sociales et du Travail (MAST)
  • Design of Programme National de Cantines Communautaires (MAST
  • Monitoring & Evaluation reports for Projet d’Education Citoyenne de la Fondation Secours Gaël Painson (FSGP) / Phase I & II
  • Synthesis report for Projet de Parc Historique du Nord (MT) design workshop
  • Synthesis reports for Commission Présidentielle de Commémoration du Bicentenaire de l’Indépendance activities
  • Evaluation of Projet EJEB de la CARE-Haïti (Coproduction)
  • Evaluation of Projet de Construction d’Ecoles dans les Communes (FAES/BID) (Coproduction)
  • Design of Projet d’encadrement des organisations de quartiers (Animation de Quartiers)
  • Design of Projet de Prêts et Bourses pour Etudiants Haïtiens (Primature)
  • Evaluation of Projet PECAD
  • Design of Projet de Carnaval de la Fraternité, including study on macroeconomic outcomes (Coproduction/Primature)
  • Design of Programme d’Education Sociale de Masse (MAST)

Accounting & Audit

  • Capacity building assistance to OFAVA on procedure manual, reports production and governance
  • National training on finance for Haitian Ministry of Public Health
  • Audit engagements (financial and social) for many clients