In the context of the global financial and economic crisis, organizations face new challenges to their core sustainability; efficiency is increasingly moving to strategic priorities. Hence, we use cultural knowledge and creativity to efficiently deliver quality services to our customers.

Our service portfolio is divided into two categories:

  • Assistance, where, we advise and train to reach or maintain higher optimization levels while reducing risks
    1. Management, from planning to operations of existing or prospective business/operation
    2. Quality Systems, from product to plant
    3. Environmental Systems, from specifications to sustainability
    4. Information Systems, from need specifications to implementation through security
    5. Accounting Systems, specifically information accounting systems
    6. Governance, including information systems
    7. Project Management
    8. Custom-made Training

  • Assurance, where, as a third-party, we investigate and emit an opinion on operations, processes or specific products
    1. Quality audit, which applies to plant, process or product (ISO, ASTM, HACCP)
    2. Financial audit, which applies to information contained in financial statements (ISA, IFRS)
    3. Information Systems audit, which applies to hardware, software, network, procedures and expertise relation to such systems (ISACA)
    4. Social Compliance, which applies to labor standards and laws (Haitian Labor Code, ILO)
    5. Specialized audit, which applies to defined targets and use appropriate references
    6. Evaluation, of programs or projects